Frequently asked questions: FAQ

YES, Booking in advance is recommended for your best service from the car owner and to warranty that the car will be available to serve you on time. team has strong criminal history check for each driver, driving licenses and car insurance before join our team. More than that, we also have drivers service training by the management of BidsTransport himself.
You can choose Standard Sedan, Business Luxury, Premier Luxury, SUV, Van, VIP Van, Bus. provide service price from the car owners. The price included expressway fee, fuel, waiting time at the airport. No extra charge for customer.
Our drivers must be aware of flight delay by monitoring customer’s flight by coordinate with airport operator department. In this matter, customer’s flight details is necessary for the better service.

In case of flight delay, we are offer 90 minutes waiting at the airport (Non-charge) after 90 minutes waiting, we will considerate for No Show charge to the customer.

For the better service, please feel free to contact our support team at [email protected] the support team is 24 hours operation.

  1. Please contact to the drivers via the contact number which specified in your order confirmation e-mail.
  2. Report to our support team at +66 62 750 7999. We will send your the new driver to serve you as soon as possible.
  3. In case of any incident or customer do not want to wait we will refund the money within 7-15 day business day period to the customers.

Yes, These price included : Express way and Toll way, Fuel and Gasoline, Parking Fee, English Speaking Driver, Insurance with full coverage. It may have extra charge to period of usage or extra stop(s)

Every passenger should arrive the airport 2 hours before flight schedule. It takes approximately 1 hour to go to airport from center of Bangkok. Anyway, it is very difficult to forcast Bangkok’s traffic. Every passenger should spare time during rush hour, weather, long holiday and festival.

  1. Airport Round Trip is travel between point A to airport and travel from airport to point A and vice versa. Date of usage does not be specificed that have to be same date.
  2. Round Trip is travelling between point A to area A and back to point A in the same day with limited time of usage. The exceed time subjects to extra charge.

Yes, We has expertise and professtional management team. Our team experienced many of important nation events and international events, and large exhibitions.

Definitely, all are crime screened by government organization and unchedule drugs tested.

All vehicle is checked and maintened by official dealer of car manufacurers only by the concern of the car owner Moreover, every driver have to pass defensive drive seminar by certified institutetion and annual health check up by lead hospital in Thailand.

Booking of transportation services is easy, fast and safe. Just enter the travel and destination location. We need to know the departure location with relevant information. (For airport pick-up, we need details of the flight arrival to property monitor it , to verify correctly. And for the pick-up of the hotel or private accommodation, we need to use the full address) to confirm the reservation. We also need other basic details such as date and time. Number of passengers Luggage quantity and destination address.